Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Climate-denying candidates make more Americans believe in global warming

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, 83 percent of people now believe that climate change is happening. That's up from 75 percent last year. What's behind the change? Partly heat, and partly hot air.

Watch comedian David Mitchell take the piss out of climate deniers

I am obsessed with David Mitchell. (The comedian, not the dishy author, but really both of them.) Okay, mostly I'm obsessed with Robert Webb because he's the cute one who takes his pants off sometimes, but the point is they …

Oh, now we're not regulating greenhouse gases either

The EPA, as expected, has decided to postpone making rules about carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions from power plants. I mean, greenhouse gas regulations? How is that REMOTELY the job of the Environmental Protection Agency, amirite?

Taking the subway: You're doing it wrong

It's supposed to be instead of your car.

Alternative fuel source: Doritos?

We use hydrocarbons in cars, home heating, and so forth because hydrocarbons burn. We also make snack chips out of hydrocarbons because we are disgusting. Ergo, we should be able to run our combustion energy off of Doritos! Okay, so …

New atlas shows climate change effects — including a brand-new island

The new edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World includes an island that's only existed since 2006. Uunartoq Qeqertaq -- "Warming Island" -- surfaced when the Greenland ice cover retreated because of global warming. It's only one of the climate …

Hey, we found a new dolphin species!

We all know the Earth still has more and stranger species than we've discovered, or at least it will until we clear-cut and climate-bomb them right into extinction. But you usually figure these fragile exotic lifeforms are hanging out in …

Cargill likes salmonella-tainted turkey so much, they produced it twice in two months

Is Cargill switching production to all tainted turkey all the time? We'd think the market for that wasn't big, but only a month after issuing a massive recall for salmonella-tainted turkey (associated with at least one death), the food giant …

The iPhone game that will make you ashamed for having an iPhone

Aw look, it's Phone Story, a fun little game where you produce things and catch things and shoot things at people! It's like Farmville AND Cut the Rope AND Angry Birds! Except that instead of saving your eggs or feeding …