Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Where do greenhouse gases come from?

This chart from the United Nations Environment Programme (click to embiggen) looks complicated, sort of like a traffic sign cross-bred with a banyan tree. But …

Amazing bamboo bike is grown, not manufactured

The complicated weave of the Ajiro bike would be work-intensive to achieve through conventional means -- it takes a lot of energy to bend bamboo stalks into shape. So instead, design student Alexander Vittouris tensioned the bamboo over a mold as it grew, then harvested a completed bike frame. 

Oh good, the heat wave really IS a government conspiracy!

Meet your newest green candidate: Double Rainbow guy

It turns out that Double Rainbow guy, everyone's favorite non-cat meme producer since Tay Zonday, has a name (it's Paul Vasquez) and a face (it's sort of Cheech Marin meets Hurley). He also has an alternative energy platform and a presidential campaign, of sorts. A Facebook app called Votocracy allows normal (for some value of "normal") people to declare their candidacy, garner votes, and even debate each other in a sort of American Idolesque shadow campaign. 

Which cities pay the most for gas?

Which cities eat up the most gas? has the lowdown on how often their users buy gas every month, and how much they spend (click for a larger infographic).

Watch a whale jump for joy after being freed from a net

It's worth watching a guy scramble around in a Speedo to see this boatload of conservationists save a humpback whale caught in a net. If …

Limbaugh: Heat index is a liberal government conspiracy

Heat wave? What heat wave? That’s just the government TELLING you it’s hot outside, for its own nefarious reasons. You know the (evocative but false) …

Monkeys go on looting spree in Rio

This video is in Portuguese, so just mute it and cue up a bit of old Ludwig Van as you watch sneaky monkey thugs infiltrate a Brazilian home. With humans perpetually up in their business, monkeys in Rio de Janeiro are fighting back by turning to a life of crime.

Announcing this year's most walkable cities

Walk Score has announced its 2011 list of most walkable cities, with a twist -- this year there's also a "fan favorite" category, where you can vote for what city you think is the easiest to navigate on foot.