Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Samuel L. Jackson thinks going vegan will make him live forever

It's healthier than a Royale with cheese, anyway.

Watch kindly humans rescue a baby moose stuck in a fence

Luckily this little buddy ran into friendly humans when he got himself trapped in a wooden gate in a Canadian suburb.

Let this mesmerizing video show you the beauty of Alaska’s ice caves before they’re gone

Icy landscapes can be stunningly lovely, and we should probably enjoy them while we can.

“The Simpsons” now has an extensive public transit system

Springfield's rail system is looking spiffed-up, with eight lines serving areas like Ethnictown, Albino Heights, and the Varmint District.

San Francisco’s Castro district is putting in rainbow crosswalks

Here's something to literally brighten your day.

Self-cleaning subway strap could make your commute a little less sickening

Design award winner Cyclean is an alternative to the bars and straps we normally put our grubby mitts all over in the subway.

These artists will take you on a journey to the melting Arctic

An art exhibit is investigating the ways that global warming will change the iconic Arctic landscape.

This amazing footage of whales and dolphins will change the way you look at drones

Drones have a bit of a public image problem, but man, they sure take great video of marine animals.

IKEA is in trouble for cutting down 600-year-old trees

Logging subsidiary Swedwood had its forestry certificate pulled in Karelia, Russia.