Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Watch this fish eat a bird right out of the sky

This is kind of the "man bites dog" of nature.

Canadian town is using beet juice to de-ice the roads

This is even weirder than clearing roads with cheese brine, like they do in Wisconsin -- or anyway, it smells better.

Go bottomless on the subway tomorrow for the annual No-Pants Ride

Improv Everywhere's annual No-Pants Subway Ride takes the pants out of public transit, leaving you with only "ublic rit."

This guy raised a duckling under his beard

Ducklings get lonely, so this Reddit user let his beard sub in for a mama duck's wing.

In weather this cold, you can make snow out of boiling water

Temperatures of -42 degrees in Ontario meant one resident could make it snow by shooting a Super Soaker full of boiling water into the air.

The first high-res HD video of Earth from space is amazing and kind of unnerving

Skybox Imaging, which took the video, assures us all that the resolution isn't high enough for them to watch you get undressed.

Kids are now getting school lunch report cards

Weekly tattling might encourage kids to make healthier choices.

A Christmas greeting from the yelling goats

Remember the goats who yell like humans? They have a holiday message for you.

Please enjoy these penguins dressed in Santa outfits

They're bringing the holiday spirit to a South Korean zoo.