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In weather this cold, you can make snow out of boiling water


South Porcupine, Ontario, has an awesome name but we probably wouldn't want to live there: It had temperatures of -42 degrees last week. On the plus side, this meant that a resident with the YouTube username chrisgsauce was able to make it snow by shooting a Super Soaker full of boiling water into the air. (As though Ontario needed more snow.)

Jesus. What's it like in NORTH Porcupine?

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The first high-res HD video of Earth from space is amazing and kind of unnerving

This is the world's first high-resolution HD video of the planet taken from space, and it's visually amazing (change the quality to 1080p to see it in full-resolution):

But also maybe kind of a little alarming? Skybox Imaging, which took the video, assures us all that the applications are benevolent and the resolution isn't high enough for them to watch you get undressed:

The resolution is high enough to view objects like shipping containers that impact the global economy while maintaining a level of clarity that does not determine human activity ... The business applications for satellite imagery and now, dynamic satellite video, are innumerable – ranging from supply chain monitoring to maritime awareness, industrial plant activity monitoring to environmental and humanitarian relief monitoring. 


Kids are now getting school lunch report cards

Laura Taylor

Most schools would flunk school lunch, if they got grades, but to be fair so would most kids -- you know you were always spending your milk money on Tastee Kakes or whatever. And one New York school district is putting that idea to the test, by sending kids home with a weekly lunch report card.

The Atlantic reports that this Cornell University pilot program involves sending weekly emails to parents in a rural K-12 school district, showing what their children selected for a midday meal. It's a bit of an odd list -- different types of junk food are broken out separately, but the main meal gets the same checkbox whether it's salmon or pizza:

Click to embiggen.
Click to embiggen.
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A Christmas greeting from the yelling goats

Hey, remember the goats who yell like humans? They have a message for you on this Christmas Eve Day Eve Day:

OK, only the first 13 seconds of that are worth watching, but they are SO WORTH WATCHING. In case you missed the yelly goats the first time around, please please fix that now so you can feel like you didn't waste 2013:

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Please enjoy these penguins dressed in Santa outfits

Pretty much what it says on the tin:

These guys are bringing Christmas spirit to a zoo in South Korea. And if you never want it to stop, well, here's our gift to you (or, more accurately, our GIFt):

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There’s a new island in Japan

New Japan island
Japan Coast Guard

Last month, this newborn island emerged from the sea like Venus rising from the waves, if Venus had been produced by volcanic activity. Sometimes these baby volcanic islands just disappear again as the ocean washes loose material away, but this one is growing -- it's up to 13.8 acres, about the same footprint as the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

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Watch people try to walk in storm winds so powerful they’re almost blown off their feet

Storm Ivar left tens of thousands without power this weekend in Norway, but Norwegians are so hardy that they were out in the shopping district regardless. They are not, however, so hardy -- or so heavy -- that they were able to stroll around easily in winds so strong that one man was blown off the sidewalk and into the street.

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This bike could purify the air as you ride it

Lightfog Creative & Design Company

Obviously riding a bike is better than driving a car because, among other things, bikes don't emit greenhouse gases or other poisons. But what if bikes could actually reverse pollution, by sucking in smog and pumping out clean air?

It's theoretically possible, according to the group of Thai engineers and designers responsible for this concept bike. 


Ice Cube, Conan O’Brien, and Kevin Hart have the best Lyft trip ever

Ridesharing (in theory, at least) gets cars off the road by letting you request a carpool only if you need it. But if you're still not sold on ridesharing apps like Lyft (and maybe you shouldn't be), consider this: If you offer to share your car, there's a slim chance that your next pickup could be Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart.

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Donald Trump hates wind energy, has no ability to recognize satire

Ketan Joshi

It's probably no surprise that Donald Trump's ability to recognize smart, subtle satire is not in top form. But we're still laughing at him for retweeting this (frankly hilarious) graphic illustrating the flimsy anecdotal evidence for "wind turbine syndrome."

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