Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

New Japan island

There’s a new island in Japan

Enjoy it while it lasts! Because eventually we'll all sink into the ocean.

Watch people try to walk in storm winds so powerful they’re almost blown off their feet

It's a little funny watching people walk at nearly a 45-degree angle, but it's mostly just a sobering illustration of the power of nature.

This bike could purify the air as you ride it

What if bikes could actually reverse pollution, instead of just not making it worse?

Ice Cube, Conan O’Brien, and Kevin Hart have the best Lyft trip ever

Joining the sharing economy could mean getting fake-robbed by Ice Cube and making fun of Conan's butt? Sign us up.

Donald Trump hates wind energy, has no ability to recognize satire

Trump uncritically retweeted a satirical graphic that was designed to show how uncritically some people accept anecdata.

If you were a real hipster, you’d ride this electric velocipede

So you're a member of the food coop and the community garden and you kit out your bike like a Victorian gentleman? Sorry, you just got out-retro-cooled.

People in China are beating the smog by sticking cigarette filters in their nostrils

This is probably not the ideal way to deal with Beijing's epic air pollution, but at least you can pretend to be a walrus.

The orchid mantis may be the most beautiful bug we’ve ever seen

Just what it says on the tin: a mantis that looks exactly like an exotic orchid.

Turns out community gardens are basically Fight Club

Think community gardens are sweet cooperative spaces where a neighborhood can come together to cultivate food and companionship? You poor sucker.