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The Corndoggle

The Portland, Ore. “Willamette Week” has a fairly decent piece on the (fiscal) implosion of the outrageously heavily subsidized ethanol plant in Clatskanie, Ore., which (briefly) produced some “homegrown” motor fuel using 100% imported corn and 100% imported natural gas.

Oregon tries to undo ethanol leg. while ‘enviros’ lobby for biofuels subsidies

Oregon is struggling to undo bad ethanol legislation. Meanwhile, the Oregon Environmental Council continues to shill for ethanol subsidies because there might someday be a magic pony of ethanol created in an entirely different way, using entirely different plants and …

George Monbiot cautions against grasping for environmental miracle cures

George Monbiot is the best environmental writer in English. On biochar: Whenever you hear the word miracle, you know there’s trouble just around the corner. But however many times they lead to disappointment or disaster, the newspapers never tire of …

High energy requirements make the manufacture of algal biofuel prohibitive

Robert Rapier has an important post on the prospects for algal biodiesel:

Why not medium-speed rail?

The always-excellent Sam Smith, a keen observer of politics and society as a journalist for over 50 years, introduces an outstanding long piece on the high-speed rail money in the stimulus: There's nothing wrong with high speed rail except that …

Wrestling with hard choices

Monbiot on nuclear

George Monbiot writes a column about nuclear power and conditions under which he would not oppose it.

The elephant in the cancer ward

We need to stop blaming victims of breast cancer and start researching envirotoxicity

Having been touched by breast cancers in numerous women important to me, I've long been astounded by the extent to which discussions of the subject start by blaming women -- you picked the wrong parents, you didn't have your kids …

California's shocking unreasonableness

DFHs take over, threaten Big Agribusiness

"Biofuel companies are worried about the impact California's low-carbon standard could have in that state and elsewhere." Freaking hippies. If God had meant people to use land for growing food instead of fuel for cars, he wouldn't have created lobbyists.

Save the North American biped!