Joe Uehlein

Joe Uehlein is a cofounder of Voices for a Sustainable Future. A musician, he is a member of the American Federation of Musicians and serves on the advisory board of the Future of Music Coalition. He is also former secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO's Industrial Union Department, founding board member of Ceres, and a member of the National Advisory Board of the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Why I’m marching against the tar-sands pipeline

A lifelong union member, I'm protesting the tar-sands pipeline because if labor is to have a sustainable future, it must be as a central player in the sustainability movement.

Climate Change

Calling all artists: The climate movement needs you!

See related slideshowThroughout history, artists have joined forces with political movements to battle injustice and demand a better and more beautiful world. Picasso’s “Guernica” captured the horrors of the German bombing of civilians in 1937. “Solidarity Forever,” “We Shall Overcome,” and “Give Peace a Chance” expressed the optimism and power of the labor, civil rights, and peace movements. Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” embodied the utopian fervor of the French Revolution. Shepard Fairey’s Obama “Hope” silkscreen during the 2008 election captured America’s yearning for a more visionary politics. Great upheavals demand great art. And now humanity faces the gravest of …

We're all in this together

Labor and environmentalists have been teaming up since the first Earth Day

The approach of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 provides us an opportunity to reflect on the “long, strange trip” shared by the environmental movement and the labor movement over four decades here on Spaceship Earth. A billion people participate in Earth Day events, making it the largest secular civic event in the world. But when it was founded in 1970, according to Earth Day’s first national coordinator Denis Hayes, “Without the UAW, the first Earth Day would have likely flopped!” Less than a week after he first announced the idea for Earth Day, Sen. Gaylord Nelson …

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