John Metcalfe

John Metcalfe is a staff writer at The Atlantic Cities.

Climate & Energy

Whale poop may help fight climate change

Biologists say the majestic swimmers' "pump" mechanism filters the oceans of carbon.

Finding Emo

Ocean acidification could be creating friendless fish

As CO2 levels rise, coral-reef fish seem to lose the ability to recognize each other.

Climate & Energy

America could soon face more days of extreme rainfall

The warming climate is predicted to bring punishing rainstorms.

Climate & Energy

Believe it or not, January was full of big, warm climate anomalies

As everyone on the East Coast complains about the cold, it's important to keep in the mind that the rest of the world is really quite warm.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is directly responsible for killing baby penguins

Torrential downpours and abnormal heat could kill nearly half of penguin chicks in a single year, say researchers.

Climate & Energy

The worst wildfires in a decade pour acrid smoke over Sydney

There are roughly 100 blazes popping in southeastern Australia, making the sky almost as black as night.

Climate & Energy

Here’s where you’re most likely to die from air pollution

A new NASA map of the planet lays out the depressing geographies of smog and premature death.

Climate & Energy

Harsh drought is drying up New Mexico’s largest reservoir

El Paso's drier than an cow bone baking in the Chihuahuan Desert, and an important source of water for drinking and farming has shrunk into a sandy puddle.

Climate & Energy

America’s wicked, deadly heat wave last week

American cities could see many more hot-weather fatalities in the decades to come, as climate change drives longer and more frequent heat waves.