John Podesta

John Podesta is chair of the Center for American Progress and a member of the Global Ocean Commission, an organization developing recommendations to improve international management of the high seas.

Climate & Energy

We can’t let Russia screw up plans for a huge marine reserve

The U.S. and New Zealand are leading a push to create the world’s largest marine protected area around Antarctica. Russia needs to get on board — and then cooperate on climate efforts too.


Hey Obama: Defend our public lands!

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.Cross-posted from ThinkProgress. The nation’s public lands are a central part of our national heritage, imagination, and spirit. Millions of Americans visit our public lands each year to experience history firsthand and wonder at some of …

Energy Policy

How to get cleaner cars and use less foreign oil

This post was coauthored by Sierra Club Chairman Carl Pope and League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski. It was cross-posted from the Center for American Progress. America is suffering from another oil price shock less than three years after …

Business & Technology

Taking on the global energy investment challenge

A report released today provides a progress report on commitments to clean energy development in China, India, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Climate & Energy

Senate should consider deforestation as part of climate bill

This post was co-authored by Lincoln Chafee, former Republican senator from Rhode Island. It was cross-posted from Roll Call. It is imperative that the United States find effective and economically viable solutions to the climate crisis. Our elected officials and …

Climate & Energy

G20 needs to advance the global agenda on climate change

Cross-posted from the Center for American Progress. The world’s leading economic powers remain inactive in preventing an increase in the serious impacts of climate change. While current impacts of climate change may not have reached alarming proportions, according to the …

Business & Technology

The clean-energy investment agenda

This post was co-authored by Center for American Progress Vice President for Energy Policy Kate Gordon, Senior Fellow Bracken Hendricks, and Policy Analyst Benjamin Goldstein. It was cross-posted from Wonk Room. The United States is having the wrong public debate …

Climate & Energy

Governments need to lead the breakthrough on technology

The Obama administration once again convened a Major Economies Forum in Italy this week after the G-8 meeting, which included the world’s 17 major carbon emitters, to press forward on a global deal on climate change and the transformation to …

Climate & Energy

Waxman-Markey: We’d better try to get what we need

Once again Mick Jagger is right: “You can’t always get what you want/But if you try sometimes you just might find/You get what you need.” The House of Representatives is poised for its first-ever floor debate and series of votes …