John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Nuclear plant spills radiation into Lake Michigan

The Palisades nuclear plant in Michigan never quite properly patched up a leak last year. Over the weekend, the leak turned into a gush.

PG&E hit with big penalty for big natural-gas explosion

California regulators want to make Pacific Gas & Electric spend $2.25 billion on safety improvements following a 2010 pipeline explosion in San Bruno.

WTO kills Ontario’s green jobs initiative

A program in Ontario that promoted renewable energy produced with locally manufactured equipment got slapped down by international trade bosses.

Conservative newspaper declares love for Obama’s fracker-friendly ways

The Washington Examiner usually hates on President Obama, but it wholeheartedly approves of his natural-gas policies.

Youngstown, Ohio, voters on fracking: “Yes, please”

A ballot measure that would have outlawed fracking in the city went down in defeat after a business group heavily outspent anti-fracking activists.

Where did all the tornadoes go?

The past 12 months have seen a record low number of tornadoes, while the 12 months before that saw an unusual high. Is there a climate change link?

Entomologists: “Stop feeding corn syrup to honeybees.” Duh.

Taking away bees' honey and feeding them high-fructose corn syrup instead makes them more vulnerable to pesticides, a new study finds.

California Gov. Jerry Brown blames climate change for early wildfires

The Western U.S. is in for a big and dangerous fire season, and Brown is pointing the finger squarely at global warming.

Should America export its fracked gas? Why greens say no.

The rest of the world is eyeing the cheap natural gas produced by fracking in the U.S. Obama will soon decide whether we should share.