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John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.


Climate-denying GOP rep wants to take science-funding decisions away from scientists

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas has drafted a bill that would let Congress set the criteria for grants awarded by the National Science Foundation.

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Climate change hurts women. Wall Street Journal sneers.

Democrats pointed out that climate change disproportionately affects women, especially poor women in developing countries. Right-wing media outlets thought that was funny.

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New Mexico county is first in the nation to ban all drilling and fracking

Mora County has also adopted a bill of rights asserting its local autonomy, essentially telling state and federal officials and corporations to piss off.

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Anti-Keystone ads banned by Facebook

CREDO tried to run an ad on Facebook calling on Mark Zuckerberg to pull his backing from a TV ad that talks up Keystone XL. Facebook nixed the CREDO ad.

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Frackers leaking less methane than previously believed, EPA says

The EPA has lowered its estimate of how much methane escapes during production of natural gas, but some scientists are skeptical of the rosy new figures.

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Electric vehicles could stabilize grid, make money as batteries

EVs are now starting to store electricity and then sell it onto the power grid when energy prices are highest.

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CO2 in atmosphere poised to blow past 400 ppm mark

In May, the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration could exceed 400 parts per million -- way past the 350 level we need to be aiming for.


Venture capitalists are funding green food innovation

Silicon Valley investors are channeling money into food-related startups that aim to make agriculture more eco-friendly and food more healthful.

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Keystone XL oil would be processed in sick East Texas community

Manchester, a Houston neighborhood, is where tar-sands oil piped through Keystone XL would be refined. The community has enough problems already.