John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

bald eagle

Bird lovers to sue feds for letting wind farms kill eagles

The Obama administration is trying to encourage wind power, but some wildlife advocates say it's going too far.

One of the petcoke piles in Chicago

Chicagoans fight the Kochs and their petcoke

The city stopped short of banning piles of petcoke, a tar-sands refining waste. Now activists and officials are trying to get rid of the piles with lawsuits.

Monsanto protest sign

Is Monsanto’s Roundup linked to a deadly kidney disease?

Farm workers on sugar and rice plantations have been hit by a mysterious kidney ailment. Recent research suggests the herbicide glyphosate could be connected to the epidemics.

Greenpeace activism in the Netherlands

Greenpeace activists arrested — again — for trying to block Russia’s Arctic oil activities

The same protestors who were jailed in Russia last year got themselves arrested once more, this time for trying to block an oil delivery to a Dutch port.

Lynchburg train derailment
déjà feu all over again

Oil train derails in Virginia, explodes, pollutes river

Meanwhile, the U.S. government still hasn't forced the railroad industry to get rid of the most dangerous, puncture-prone railcars.

Chesapeake Bay

Why is Alaska fighting the cleanup of Chesapeake Bay?

Conservative-led states that are nowhere near the bay are fighting the EPA's plan to clean it up.

Gina McCarthy

EPA’s McCarthy slams the agency’s anti-science critics

In a forceful speech during a science meeting, the EPA chief pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of some of the agency's most vocal critics.

North Shore oil spill

A week after Alaska OKs a big gas pipeline, another gas pipeline ruptures

Alaskan tundra was coated with a mist of oil and natural gas on Monday. The accident was a reminder of the folly of a massive pipeline proposal.

irrigation pivot

Factory farms get even grosser

As if CAFOs weren't disgusting enough already, now they're spraying manure out of sprinkler systems, and it's contaminating neighbors' homes.