John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.


Droughts push beef prices to record highs

Mo' drought, moo problems. Hamburger and sirloins are more expensive than ever, and a shortage of cattle means a surplus of tumbleweeds.

Climate & Energy

California’s drought plan will screw the environment

The state is taking radical steps to preserve its dwindling supplies of water. Wildlife will pay the price, and so will people who fish.

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Climate change just reshaped America’s wildfire strategy

Thanks in part to global warming, America's forest fire problem is growing ominously. The Obama administration has a new plan to cope.

Climate & Energy

Oil companies would rather let trains explode than cooperate with feds

The petroleum industry said it would share data about oil-by-rail shipments with the government to help curb accidents and spills. Except not really.

That blows

Brits may ban new onshore wind power

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron thinks he can win votes by restricting onshore wind energy. To avoid being called anti-green, he may commit to more solar and offshore wind.

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Bird body count still rising following Galveston Bay oil spill

The Coast Guard has recovered hundreds of dead, oiled birds since a ship collided with an oil barge two weeks ago in Texas.

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Ohio cracks down on methane pollution from fracking

It's now the third state to require that natural-gas operations do a better job of finding and fixing leaks.

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In the battle against proposed coal terminals, you are kicking ass

Companies that want to build coal export facilities in Washington state say they are being outmatched by their grassroots opponents -- for now.

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Europe wimps out again on airlines’ carbon pollution

International air carriers were supposed to join the E.U.'s emissions trading program, but after the U.S. and China bitched and moaned, they've been given another years-long reprieve.