John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Climate & Energy

U.N. climate chief calls for fossil-fuel divestment

Just as importantly, Christiana Figueres says big institutional investors should triple the money they're putting into clean energy.

Business & Technology

Pebble Mine near Alaska’s Bristol Bay could be environmentally devastating, EPA says

A huge proposed gold and copper mine would pose major risks to the area's wildlife, fishing industry, and Native cultures, a new report finds.

Climate & Energy

Older trees best at fighting climate change

It has long been thought that young trees are better than old ones at absorbing CO2. A new study suggests the opposite.

Climate & Energy

Major newspaper coverage of climate change plummeted last year

Hear those crickets? That’s the sound of The New York Times and other big U.S. papers covering global warming.

Climate & Energy

North Dakota’s top oil regulator is also its top oil promoter

State Democrats see a conflict of interest there. They want the pom-poms to change hands.


Fungi could help boost crops and slow global warming

Scientists are working to fine-tune and commercialize common fungi as they try to improve crop yields -- efforts that could also help with the climate.

Climate & Energy

Disney radio will stop shilling for frackers

A Radio Disney station in Ohio had teamed up with the oil and gas industry on an "educational" roadshow, but after parents protested, the station backed out.

Climate & Energy

Canada’s energy officials take over job of protecting fish from pipelines

Stephen Harper's administration decided that oil and gas officials would do a better job of managing fish along pipeline routes than actual experts.

Climate & Energy

Tests show Texas well water polluted by fracking, despite EPA assurances

The EPA dropped its investigation into complaints about contaminated water last year. Now Duke researchers have found dangerous levels of methane in wells.