John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

bee on flower

Plant STD linked to honeybee collapse

Scientists have discovered that bees that transmit a crop-wilting virus between plants can become infected by the disease, which could play a role in colony collapse disorder.

Atlantic salmon

Canada sued over approval of “toxic” GMO salmon

Environmentalists are arguing in court that AquAdvantage GMO salmon could be considered "toxic" under Canadian law.

crashing wave

Get ready for more “extreme” El Niños

Scientists say baby Jesus' meteorological namesake will become a thundering hulk more often as the climate changes.

Factory pollution

We export carbon emissions to China, get smog back in return

Some developing countries have oversized carbon footprints because they manufacture so much of our junk, and their factories are sending smog back our way.

British PM David Cameron

Will the U.K. follow the U.S. on a fracking binge?

British Prime Minister David Cameron seems desperate to mimic America's natural-gas boom, but plenty of hurdles stand in his way.

woman vacuuming sky

We may have to suck up CO2 to prevent planet from frying, U.N. says

A leaked draft of an IPCC report says we might need mass-scale geoengineering to fend off the worst of climate change. Al Gore says that's "insane."

A horse

Congress moves to restore ban on horse slaughter

Slaughterhouses that want to sell horsemeat might fight back by filing a claim under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

DOT-111 rail cars

Safety rules to prevent oil-train explosions delayed

Freight train operators won't be required to improve the safety of their tankers until next year, but they say they'll take voluntary steps in the meantime.


Big green groups demand an end to Obama’s “all of the above” energy strategy

If the president is serious about climate change, he needs to stop promoting fossil fuels, say the Sierra Club, NRDC, EDF, and 15 other groups.