John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

California and Illinois release draft fracking rules, and California’s are better

Enviros aren't pleased with Illinois' proposed regulations. California's are tougher, but activists continue to push for a fracking moratorium in the state.

Eight more U.S. coal generators bite the dust

Coal plants in Alabama and Kentucky will get the ax, the Tennessee Valley Authority says. Unfortunately, they may be replaced by nuclear and natural gas instead of renewables.

Logging on the rise again in the Brazilian Amazon

Deforestation had been slowing down over the past decade, but new figures show a 28 percent spike in land clearing compared to the previous year.

U.N. climate talks: Four countries behaving badly

Japan, Poland, Australia, and Canada are disgracing themselves at climate negotiations underway in Warsaw.

Entire Texan town evacuated after pipeline explosion

A Chevron pipeline exploded on Thursday, sending up huge flames and plumes of smoke and forcing some 700 people out of their homes.

Bill would promote bogus wind-turbine syndrome lawsuits in Wisconsin

The legislation would allow neighbors to sue wind farm owners for health problems and falling property values. Never mind that researchers have found neither of those things to be a problem.

Court upholds California’s cap-and-trade system

Two conservative groups sued to stop the state's year-old carbon-trading system. A judge told them tough luck.

Arizona utility scores tiniest possible victory in war on solar

The utility wanted to reduce payments to solar-panel owners by $50 to $100 a month. Instead it will be allowed to charge a $5 monthly fee.

The world is still losing its forests, and these beautiful satellite maps tally the toll

Deforestation is slowing in Brazil but picking up elsewhere. Meanwhile, climate change is ravaging forests around the Arctic and in the mountains of the American West.