John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Harvesting corn

More corn grown in U.S. this year than ever before. Thanks, biofuels.

American farmers are set to harvest 30 percent more corn this year than last year. That's due to agreeable weather and EPA's biofuel mandate.


Schools install pricey filters to protect kids from frac sand

In Wisconsin, the booming frac-sand industry is bringing lots of challenges. Still, some lawmakers want to prevent local governments from regulating it.


Carbon tax revenues could dwarf fossil fuel losses

If carbon is priced high enough to meet international climate goals, fossil fuel companies would lose up to $12 trillion by 2100, but governments would gain up to $32 trillion in revenues, a new study finds.

A barge on the Mississippi River

Frackers might soon be allowed to float their wastewater down rivers

The U.S. Coast Guard has proposed a policy that would let fracking waste be barged around the country. What could go wrong?

Four epic green ballot battles to watch today

Keep your eye on the Virginia governor's race, anti-fracking ballot measures in Colorado, a GMO-labeling initiative in Washington, and a county council race in rural Washington.

Blistering exposé prompts Johns Hopkins to suspend black-lung screenings

Johns Hopkins University has long been paid by coal companies to screen former miners for black lung disease.

The Rim Fire in California

Forest Service’s firefighting fund can’t keep up with wildfires

Costs to fight fires in forests are climbing, forcing the Forest Service to drain funds intended for research and reforestation to help it battle blazes.

Most Tea Partiers think warming is “just not happening”

When it comes to climate science, there is deep division between the Tea Party fringe and the rest of the Republican Party.

Nuclear power plant cooling towers

More nukes: James Hansen leads call for “safer nuclear” power to save climate

James Hansen and three other prominent climate scientists call for the deployment of safe nuclear energy -- and they want support from enviros.