John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Most Tea Partiers think warming is “just not happening”

When it comes to climate science, there is deep division between the Tea Party fringe and the rest of the Republican Party.

Nuclear power plant cooling towers

More nukes: James Hansen leads call for “safer nuclear” power to save climate

James Hansen and three other prominent climate scientists call for the deployment of safe nuclear energy -- and they want support from enviros.

The Arctic

Accidents? What accidents? Shell’s Arctic drillers are ready to roll again

The Obama administration barred Shell from drilling in the Arctic following a series of accidents last year. The company is asking for permission to return next year.

Drought-afflicted cornfield

Leaked IPCC report: Humans are adapting — but hunger, homelessness, and violence lie ahead

Findings from a leaked copy of the IPCC's next report aren't pretty, but they contain some glimmers of hope.

25 x 25

Bill would boost renewables to 25 percent by 2025, has no chance in hell of passing

Senators (and cousins!) Mark and Tom Udall have introduced a bill that would set a national renewable electricity standard. It's a good idea, sure to die in a bad Congress.

Sundarbans National Park in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s biggest power plant will harm world’s biggest mangrove forest

Bangladesh is vulnerable to floods and cyclones, which makes its plans for a new coal-fired power plant next to a mangrove forest all the more troubling.

New Jersey after Sandy

Congress backtracking on law that aimed to reduce flood risks

America has been promoting the construction of homes in floodplains since the 1960s. And it plans to do so for another four years under a new bill.

The Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania

Marcellus Shale fracking wells use 5 million gallons of water apiece

Frackers in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are using more water than those in other parts of the country, with most being skimmed off rivers and streams.

"slow down" sign

Have we hit a “permanent slowdown” in the growth of global CO2 emissions?

The world keeps pumping out more greenhouse gases every year than the year before, but the rate of growth is slowing, so that's at least a wee bit of good news.