John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Climate & Energy

Mighty mangroves shield Indian village from cyclone’s wrath

Villagers in Praharajpur planted and protected mangroves along the coast -- and it paid off over the weekend by helping rebuff a vicious storm.

Climate & Energy

Dramatic charts reveal climate change’s effects on oceans

The oceans are becoming warmer, more acidic, starved of oxygen, and less productive. Here are the results, in technicolor.

Climate & Energy

North Dakota officials might finally spill details about oil spill

A North Dakota health official defended the decision to keep an oil spill secret from the governor and public, saying the spill occurred in the "best place" possible.

Climate & Energy

Romanian villagers block Chevron frackers

Chevron tried to begin its Romanian fracking operations on Monday, but workers were sent home by protests.

Climate & Energy

Readers to papers: Stop publishing letters that deny climate reality

The L.A. Times' decision to reject letters to the editor that deny climate science has inspired a petition calling on other major media outlets to do the same.

Climate & Energy

Illinois kills online coal propaganda targeting kids

The removal of pro-coal propaganda from a website is the latest sign that Illinois is moving away from brainwashing kids with deceptive messages about the harmful fossil fuel.

Climate & Energy

Supreme Court will hear challenge to EPA’s power-plant rules

Big polluters edged toward a legal victory Tuesday, when the conservative Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to the Obama administration's plan to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate & Energy

BP negligent in Texas refinery leak but absolved of wrongdoing

A jury found that BP was negligent for allowing toxic chemicals to spew from a Texas refinery for 40 days. But the jurors ruled that the company's actions caused no harm.

Climate & Energy

Venice has a grand plan to protect itself from rising seas

In a decade-long, $7 billion effort, Venice is building 78 flood barriers to help keep itself dry. The first four just passed a crucial test.

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