John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Chicago makes it easier to put solar panels on roofs

It will now take just one day to get a permit for a small solar array in the Windy City, down from a month. And the permit fees are falling, too.

We could detect wildfires faster by using satellites

Scientists have designed a satellite system to spot wildfires while they're still small. Now, to find the few hundred million bucks needed to deploy it ...

Nitrogen pollution from farming lingers for decades

Thirty years ago, scientists applied fertilizer to two test plots. More than 12 percent of the nitrogen is still in the soil, and nearly as much has leached into groundwater.

The Northeast is producing more natural gas than Saudi Arabia

The Marcellus Shale fracking boom is pumping out more natural gas than expected.

Clock is ticking for Cape Wind project

Construction must begin by the end of the year or the wind farm will lose out on tax credits and a big investment. But a couple of lawsuits still stand in the way.

Utility trying to bury solar in Arizona

Under a utility's proposal, solar-panel owners in Arizona would be paid $50 to $100 less each month for their excess electricity. Cue costly brawl.

Fracking won’t fix the climate

You may have heard that fracking is reducing carbon emissions because natural gas is cleaner than coal. But there's a big hole in that argument.

Turbine tourism: Bus tours of a wind-energy park are a big hit

In Michigan, tourists are lining up for wind-energy tours that let you go right up and touch a turbine.

Party like it’s 1994! America’s CO2 emissions hit 18-year low

In 2012, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. fell to 1994 levels.