John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.


GMO corn crop trials suspended in Mexico

A Mexican judge ordered a halt to GMO corn field trials planned by Monsanto and other international companies because of concerns about environmental impacts.

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Australian scientists rescue wildlife by hand from changing climates

A new formula will help Australian scientists decide when a species should be evacuated from a landscape affected by climate change, and where it should be moved.

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Greens sue EPA over Pacific Northwest’s increasingly acid waters

Carbon dioxide emissions have turned the Pacific Ocean off Oregon and Washington so acidic that shellfish are dying. The Center for Biological Diversity says that's a Clean Water Act violation.

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Power up: California may force utilities to buy big batteries for renewables

California's proposed requirement could jump-start the storage industry that renewable energy tech will need to scale.

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Tar-sands waste going to fuel dirty power plants in China

Petcoke piles are blighting America. But here comes China to save the day ... by burning the dirty byproduct in its furnaces.

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Mighty mangroves shield Indian village from cyclone’s wrath

Villagers in Praharajpur planted and protected mangroves along the coast -- and it paid off over the weekend by helping rebuff a vicious storm.

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Dramatic charts reveal climate change’s effects on oceans

The oceans are becoming warmer, more acidic, starved of oxygen, and less productive. Here are the results, in technicolor.

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North Dakota officials might finally spill details about oil spill

A North Dakota health official defended the decision to keep an oil spill secret from the governor and public, saying the spill occurred in the "best place" possible.

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Romanian villagers block Chevron frackers

Chevron tried to begin its Romanian fracking operations on Monday, but workers were sent home by protests.