John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Yarr! Russia says Greenpeace protesters are pirates

Putin threatens Greenpeace activists who took part in a demonstration against offshore drilling in Russian Arctic waters with serious penalties.

Stellar warming will turn Earth into Venus (eventually)

Life on Earth will meet a fiery demise, and there's no stopping it. Fortunately, it won't happen for another couple billion years.

Great Lakes shipping terminal for Bakken oil hits dead end

A crude terminal proposed for Duluth, Minn., would load oil tankers bound for the East Coat through the Great Lakes. But the plans have faltered.

Court to EPA on Gulf dead-zone rules: Make up your freakin’ mind

The federal government just came a step closer to regulating fertilizer runoff in the Mississippi River -- runoff that feeds Gulf of Mexico dead zones.

Republican solution to wildfires: Sell the trees!

No forests means no wildfires, see? Despite that impeccable logic, the bill the House just passed to double logging nationwide will never become law.

Weakened fracking law signed in California

California's governor signed the state's first fracking regulations into law on Friday. Too bad they don't go far enough.

Chevron scores legal and PR victories in Ecuador pollution case

Ecuador’s president has a new “Chevron’s Dirty Hand” campaign to protest the company's refusal to pay for its mess, but Chevron is still winning the war.

Climate change expected to bring more thunder, hail, and tornadoes

According to new research, severe thunderstorms are likely to hit the U.S. with more frequency over the coming century.

As climate changes, polar bears switch to polluted food

Polar bears just can't catch a break. As the climate shifts, East Greenland's population is eating more seals with higher concentrations of chemical pollution in their flesh.