John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Climate & Energy

Typhoon and earthquake strike Fukushima

More natural disasters descended on the troubled facility this week. Can't a nuclear plant catch a break?

Climate & Energy

Is this the beginning of the end for coal?

From a failed coal auction in Wyoming to slowing demand in China, times are tough for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel. And that's before we even get to EPA's new proposed power-plant rules.

Climate & Energy

Ahead of IPCC report, fossil-fuel groups organize climate denial campaign

Next week, the IPCC will issue its first climate assessment report since 2007. So it's time for the deniers to crawl out from under their rocks and scream at the top of their lungs.

Climate & Energy

California wins right to clamp down on carbon from gasoline, diesel

A federal appeals court said the state can implement its Low Carbon Fuel Standard and require gasoline and diesel to have a lower carbon footprint. Enviros cheered.

Climate & Energy

Storm that already hit Mexico turns into a hurricane, threatens to strike again

Meanwhile, a separate tropical storm might be headed for the U.S. Gulf Coast. So much for that quiet hurricane season we'd been having ...


The best (and worst) quotes from the silly House climate hearing

Republicans accused Obama of being a job-killing, coal-hating president who believes fairy tales invented by mischievous scientists.

Climate & Energy

Delaying climate action will triple costs

It will be a lot cheaper to start fighting global warming today than it will be 15 or so years from now.

Climate & Energy

British anti-fracking occupation will continue

A local council in England tried to evict a high-profile fracking protest, but a judge ruled that the protesters can stay.


USDA doesn’t care about GMO contamination of alfalfa

The feds are refusing to do anything after Monsanto's GMO alfalfa contaminated a Washington farmer's crop, saying the marketplace should sort it out.