John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.


Weakened fracking law signed in California

California's governor signed the state's first fracking regulations into law on Friday. Too bad they don't go far enough.

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa raises an oil-coated hand.

Chevron scores legal and PR victories in Ecuador pollution case

Ecuador’s president has a new “Chevron’s Dirty Hand” campaign to protest the company's refusal to pay for its mess, but Chevron is still winning the war.


Climate change expected to bring more thunder, hail, and tornadoes

According to new research, severe thunderstorms are likely to hit the U.S. with more frequency over the coming century.

As climate changes, polar bears switch to polluted food

Polar bears just can't catch a break. As the climate shifts, East Greenland's population is eating more seals with higher concentrations of chemical pollution in their flesh.


One failed project, another over budget, hint at carbon-capture challenges under EPA rules

If you want to build a new coal plant, the U.S. EPA says you must capture CO2 emissions. Two troubled projects show how hard that will be.

Colorado flooding

In wake of Colorado floods, officials start counting oil and gas spills

The state's oil agency is tracking five notable spills so far, plus more locations where sheens have been spotted. No one knows the full extent of the messes.

Gates of hell

Typhoon and earthquake strike Fukushima

More natural disasters descended on the troubled facility this week. Can't a nuclear plant catch a break?

A train loaded with coal in Wyoming

Is this the beginning of the end for coal?

From a failed coal auction in Wyoming to slowing demand in China, times are tough for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel. And that's before we even get to EPA's new proposed power-plant rules.

tiny man, huge megaphone

Ahead of IPCC report, fossil-fuel groups organize climate denial campaign

Next week, the IPCC will issue its first climate assessment report since 2007. So it's time for the deniers to crawl out from under their rocks and scream at the top of their lungs.