John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Bobby Jindal to axe officials who took on Big Oil

The Louisiana governor is giving the boot to flood-control officials who sued oil companies over billions of dollars in damage to coastal marshes.

Oil and fracking chemicals spill into Colorado’s floodwaters

Pipelines are sagging and snapping. Chemical tanks are toppling over. Oil and gas wells are inundated. As if the floods haven't caused enough tragedy already.

Wasted food is a huge climate problem

If wasted food were a country, it would be the world's third largest contributor to climate change, after China and the U.S.

Bills will make it easier for Californians to buy and sell solar power

Soon it will be simpler for renters, schools, and others to buy renewable energy, and for people with solar panels to sell their power onto the grid.

America warming up to new hydropower

The Obama administration is pushing to install hydropower plants at existing dams, which could boost U.S. hydropower capacity by 15 percent.

Deadly 1,000-year floods strike Colorado

Flooding centered in Boulder, Colo., is so extreme that the National Weather Service called it "biblical." And it's just the latest climate-related disaster to strike the region.

Senate stupidity stalls action on bipartisan energy-efficiency bill

The Shaheen-Portman bill, which has wide support, is being derailed by amendments on Keystone XL, Obamacare, and EPA power-plant regulations.

Big biz fights Obama admin’s calculations on carbon costs

America's biggest and dirtiest industries say the government shouldn't try to tally up the climate-related costs of fossil-fuel burning.

ExxonMobil company charged with fracking-related crimes

Pennsylvania is going after the company for spilling frackwater into a river. The company responds with Orwellian logic, arguing that the case will "discourage good environmental practices."