John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Clean energy law reducing electricity costs in Ohio

Ohio's renewable energy mandate has been good for ratepayers, a new study finds. But that's isn't stopping one Republican from trying to roll it back.

Illinois concedes kids maybe shouldn’t be brainwashed by Big Coal

Pro-coal propaganda has been woven into curricula in Illinois schools, but now a state review is calling for changes to the program.

Fracking wastewater disposal triggered more than 100 earthquakes in Ohio

Youngstown, Ohio, had never experienced a recorded earthquake. Then frackers started pumping wastewater into the ground at a single injection well, and things got crazy.

Oil refiners don’t care about Keystone XL anymore

Canadian oil companies still desperately want the Keystone XL pipeline, but U.S. oil refiners don’t much care whether the damned thing ever gets built.

Will the U.S. and New Zealand cave on plans for the world’s biggest marine reserve?

Russia doesn't like a proposal to protect 890,000 square miles of Antarctic waters, so New Zealand is looking to scale it back. What will the U.S. do?

Fracking fights spread to Europe

European leaders want to use fracking to emulate America's oil and gas boom. European citizens are not so happy about that idea.

Why are there pesticides and GMOs in our national wildlife refuges?

Enviro groups are suing the feds over cultivation of genetically engineered crops and use of pesticides in Midwestern wildlife refuges.

People save more energy when they know they’re being watched

Utility customers who were told their electricity use was being tracked as part of an experiment reduced their consumption by 2.7 percent.

Coal company accidentally turns a creek into concrete

Workers dumped tons of grout into a ridge to try to repair damage caused by mining, but the grout poured out the bottom and into a creek.