John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Climate & Energy

White House calls for more grid spending as climate changes

The nation's power grid is increasingly vulnerable to severe weather. The Obama administration is calling for upgrades but not saying where the funding should come from.

Climate & Energy

Carbon offsets plan stirs up controversy in California

Californian companies will soon be able to buy carbon offsets to fulfill up to 8 percent of their required greenhouse gas reductions.

Climate & Energy

Big nuke company decides renewables are a better bet in the U.S.

French utility EDF is selling its stake in five American nuclear reactors, citing concerns about profits. It will focus on renewable energy instead.

Climate & Energy

Cuba is finally embracing solar power

The country gets just 4 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, but seven new solar farms will change that.

Climate & Energy

TransCanada plans colossal trans-Canada oil pipeline

With Keystone XL in limbo, TransCanada announced Thursday that it wants to build an even bigger pipeline from Alberta to eastern Canada.


Former Republican EPA chiefs back Obama on climate change

EPA administrators who served under Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II co-sign an op-ed in The New York Times calling for climate action.

Climate & Energy

Should we turn deserts into carbon-sucking tree plantations?

To save the world from global warming, some scientists think we should vegetate the world's deserts out of existence.

Climate & Energy

Alaska’s heat wave breaking records, killing salmon

Heat records are being broken across Alaska this summer. It's not clear whether the persistent heat is linked to global warming, but it has been implicated in a salmon die-off.

Climate & Energy

Offshore auction signals start of wind bonanza

The feds auctioned off the right to build turbines in nearly 165,000 acres of New England waters -- the first of many offshore auctions planned.