John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

Business & Technology

More than 100,000 electric vehicles now on the roads in U.S.

Sales of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S helped the industry reach this milestone. Meanwhile, Tesla plans to repay a government loan nine years early.

Business & Technology

Nation’s biggest uranium mine planned in New Mexico

Companies from Japan and Canada want to build the mine on land held sacred by Native Americans, and the U.S. Forest Service may just say OK.

Climate & Energy

BP, Shell, Statoil accused of fixing oil prices

European officials have raided the oil companies' offices, and now a U.S. senator wants an investigation launched on this side of the pond.

Climate & Energy

BP wants U.S. government to reduce court-ordered oil-spill payouts

BP says it shouldn't have to pay so much to help companies hurt by the Deepwater Horizon spill. It wants the U.K. government to ask the U.S. government for help.


New York Times editorial calls for Obama to get moving on climate

The Gray Lady wants the president to hurry up and take executive action to fight global warming, because Congress obviously isn't going to do anything.

Climate & Energy

Huge tar-sands waste pile grows alongside Detroit River

Refining Canadian tar-sands oil creates mountains of filthy black waste, as the residents of Detroit are discovering. Other American communities can look forward to the same.


California grocery chain turns food waste into electricity

Kroger has plans to feed food waste to bacteria, where it will be anaerobically digested in a vat to release methane to create energy.

Climate & Energy

Take a photo of a glacier — it’ll last longer

Glaciers contain a tiny share of the world's land ice, but their rapid melting is contributing to nearly one-third of the world's sea-level rise.

Climate & Energy

Draft fed rules would let frackers do whatever they want, but they’re still not happy

Environmentalists were dismayed by draft fracking rules released a year ago, but hoped the administration would tighten them up in the next round. The opposite happened.