John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.

U.S. trees burned in British coal plants count as renewable energy. WTF?

The U.K. subsidizes the burning of American-grown wood in British coal power plants and somehow calls it "green." How can this be?

John Kerry’s wishful thinking on climate change

John Kerry told Ethiopians that the U.S. is below the Kyoto Protocol's greenhouse gas emissions targets. Yay! Unfortunately, that's not true. Boo!

Climate change adaptation: So simple, a caveman could do it

A new study suggests that climate change propelled our ancestors to greatness. Could anthropogenic climate change do the same for us?

GMO-free ingredients are tough to round up in the U.S.

Consumers want GMO-free products, but food manufacturers are having an exceptionally difficult time finding ingredients that haven't had their genes tinkered with.

Fukushima meltdown’s latest victims: American uranium jobs

The feds are shutting down a Kentucky facility that enriches uranium as the world shies away from nuclear power.

Chesapeake oil? Offshore drilling pushed by Virginia lawmakers

Terry McAuliffe opposed drilling when he last ran for governor of Virginia. Then he lost and Deepwater Horizon happened. Now he's running again as a drilling fan.

GOP to Obama on Keystone: Don’t think about climate

With Democratic support for Keystone XL floundering, some say that Obama could link its approval to new climate change rules. Republican senators beg him not to.

As world marches against Monsanto, senators protect it from labeling laws

Food activists in hundreds of cities around the world turned out Saturday to protest against Monsanto. So far, Capitol Hill isn't getting the message.

Fracking accident leaks benzene into Colorado stream

Benzene levels soared in a Colorado creek after a natural gas facility spilled hundreds of barrels of natural gas liquid. So why haven't those responsible been fined?