John Walke

John Walke is a senior attorney and the Director of NRDC's Clean Air Program.

take a not-so-deep breath

Dirty Air Deeds: The People's House is filthy

Today I begin a regular series to highlight recent attempts and harmful actions to weaken protections against air pollution.

blue skies make them blue

The Wall Street Journal editorial board does not like clean air

The Wall Street Journal's editorial on the EPA mangles basic facts and omits mention of the overwhelming public health benefits from cleaner air.

The foxes want to guard the henhouses

Deadly deception: How some industry lobbyists peddle deception to block clean air protections

As industry lobbyists attack standards to cut deadly toxic air pollution from industrial boilers, they are resorting to obfuscation and deception.

(Dirty) Power grab

Attack on clean air protections planned in Senate

NRDC has obtained a copy of amendments that Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) appears poised to lodge next week in the Senate Environment Committee to wage a sweeping attack on the Clean Air Act on behalf of dirty power plants.

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