Jon Isham

Jon Isham is a professor of economics and environmental studies at Middlebury College. He is the guest editor of Getting to 350, a special edition of Solutions which will be published in Summer 2010. He is also the editor of Ignition: What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement, co-founder of, and, most importantly, proud colleague of all of the kick-ass 20-somethings from Middlebury who are helping to change the world. He is the December 2009 Climate Papa of the Month.

When I say 'Copenhagen,' surely you think of 'Mary Jo Kopechne'!

The problem with ‘green group’ bashing

As Democrats in D.C. and their allies struggle to cobble together a meaningful climate bill, many are lining up to bash green groups. Some recent …

Let voters deliberate and I bet they'll choose $1100, putting the brakes on global warming, and green jobs.

What's the equivalent of 'slow food' and 'slow money' for democracy?

For years, environmentalists have been onto something with slow food and, more recently, patient capital. Each of these ideas has succeeded because they work at several levels.

It's about giving voters what they want

How Scott Brown’s victory can help get climate legislation over the finish line

So was that it?  With the stunning Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts, have we already reached the end of the Obama era?  After all — …

Dear NGO leader: Still want my $100? Answer these five questions

Whoa!  This is much harder than I thought.  Not only did I receive several new email solicitations since I asked how each of us should …

Channeling my inner Lomborg

Which green groups should get your last $100?

If you’re like me, your inbox has recently been inundated with cheery, post-Copenhagen greetings from green groups of all kinds.  Bless their hearts, they’ve all …

Ready to build an unstoppable groundswell in 125 days?

COP15: the untold story

While reporters were busy writing about the violence in Copenhagen they missed the alive spirit that came from the world’s citizens gathered to fight climate …

Meg Boyle weighs in: Why Copenhagen isn't Kyoto

Meg Boyle, acclaimed youth climate leader (though isn’t it time we jettison the ‘youth’ modifier – I weighed in here on this issue last year!) …

Does Glenn Beck also like to wear tutus?

Honoring Van Jones by reaffirming who we are

In his decade-long obsession with Dr. Martin Luther King, J. Edgar Hoover revealed himself as one of American history’s most reprehensible figures.  Feeding on a …

Are you with Don Blankenship or against him?

We are all from Wise County

Want to get really angry about health care and global warming? Not the ginned-up rage of the Obama-was-really-born-in-Kenya crowd, but an anger that fires you …