Jonathan Hiskes

Jonathan Hiskes is a writer in Seattle and a former Grist staff reporter. Find him at and on Twitter.

The best fest? Yest.

Free local cheese, a win-win-win

Jeff Maurone via Flickr.If you were anywhere near Seattle this weekend and you didn’t make it to the Seattle Cheese Festival, oh man, I’m sorry. …

cop a flight

Tips for flying to the Copenhagen climate conference

Cop a ride to COP-15…Photo illustration by Tom Twigg / GristSo you’re going to Copenhagen to help save the planet. Splendid! This December the city …

Class, president

Obama addresses sustainability grads and others at Arizona State

Not everyone had a close-up viewdr. coop via FlickrOn Wednesday night, President Barack Obama gave a commencement address to graduates of Arizona State University, the …

It's not easy dating green

Meet your eco-mate with Planet Earth Singles

Three weeks, max.planetearthsingles.comAt last, there is a green-friendly dating site for environmentally, socially and spiritually conscious singles! Not making this up: Types of Dating: • …

Gloom and/or Doom

Report: Climate change will bring big problems for small number of countries

Here’s one way to break down the effects of fiercer storm surges that will be wrought by climate change: Most land lost: Latin America Most …

A Moranic Idea

Memo: Climate change denier wants to give you instant on-air ‘balance’

Marc Morano: Willing to help you out.Heartland Institute Say you’re a harried cable news producer with 24 gaping hours to fill with finished material every …

Tax away, eh?

Carbon tax gets big nod from voters in B.C. election

British Columbia held its provincial election yesterday, with the province’s carbon tax playing a big role–and coming out a big winner. Aside from the economy, …

Swim for it!

Selling out the polar bears … or smart climate politics?

In upholding the Bush-era decision on polar bears, is Obama shrewdly pushing a larger climate agenda?iStock PhotoThe Obama administration will uphold a controversial Bush-era decision …

Save us from our emissions

New religious coalition seeks climate ‘redemption’ via carbon plan

Joel Hunter, important pastor.Dr. Joel Hunter, reputedly one of President Obama’s five favorit-est pastors, might have just gotten even more favorit-er. The Florida megachurch pastor …

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