Jonathan Hiskes

Jonathan Hiskes is a writer in Seattle and a former Grist staff reporter. Find him at and on Twitter.

So what you’re saying is …

Chevron thinks we’re stupid [VIDEO]

Funny or Die shows us what Chevron is really trying to say.

a turn for the nurse

Bellingham’s biking nurse

Nurse practitioner Jody Hoppis makes house calls by bike. This is a very good thing.

City-in-miniature on a hill

The UniverCity project: An experiment in suburban urbanism

A neighborhood outside Vancouver tries to build walkable urbanism in a suburban setting. Best of all, it's attracting families.

Congratulations, losers

The Biggest Loser (of energy waste): UNC dormitory

A UNC dorm tops a Biggest-Loser-style contest between 14 buildings to see which could cut the most energy waste. Hooray!

All carrot, no stick? No problem

The Senate livability bill has no teeth. That’s okay

The administration wants to curb sprawl and promote walkable neighborhoods through incentives, not mandates. Relax, critics -- the market's going to help on this one.

state your business

States have clean-energy momentum, but it’s under threat

States are way ahead of the feds in helping clean-energy businesses. They're on track to create 2 million jobs -- but GOP candidates oppose the plan.


Postcards from the future

Have a hard time imagining a world reshaped by climate change? These riveting illustrations of future London give a glimpse.

Pawlenty of choices

Minnesota governor's race: Dayton vs. Horner vs. Emmer

What's at stake in the Minnesota governor's race? Quite a bit for the future of energy and transportation in the state.

Haven it all

We’re tearing this highway down, Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood says

It's one thing to talk about designing for people instead of cars, and another thing make good on that pledge by tearing tear down elevated highways.