Jonathan Hiskes

Jonathan Hiskes is a writer in Seattle and a former Grist staff reporter. Find him at and on Twitter.

Hoosier guru

An interview with author Scott Russell Sanders

Scott Russell Sanders, author of A Conservationist ManifestoCourtesy of Indiana University PressI’ve had some great teachers over the years, but none quite like Scott Russell Sanders, the gentle guru of Bloomington, Indiana, and a leading …

History of the Greens, Part I

The secret history of Earth Day

If 40 years of Earth Days have taught us anything, um … While the Earth Day movement has had undeniable successes, critics charge that, uh … Whatever, screw it. Here’s the “real” story (with jokes!): …

A Moral Issue

Catholic Climate Covenant seeks aid for world’s poor

Courtesy Catholic Climate CovenantCiting dual obligations to care for God’s creation and the world’s poor, a broad coalition of Catholic groups today announced a new commitment to take action on climate change. The “St. Francis …

Endanger? I barely know her

EPA’s climate finding ticks off industry, energizes enviros and congressional leaders

Here come the reactions …Grist’s Kate Sheppard has a great story on today’s big news, the EPA decision that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare: The long-expected finding, set in motion two years ago …

Reconsider, baby, reconsider

Palin says global warming harms Alaska, still wants to drill

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (from left), Senator Mark Begich, Congressman Don Young and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar arrive at a public forum meeting in Anchorage Tuesday to discuss Outer Continental Shelf development.Courtesy Alaska …

Hoosier Wordplay

Indiana bill would define clean coal and nuclear energy as ‘renewable’

Indiana’s statehouse.Flickr: mattindy77The Indiana lawmakers are considering legislation that would define “clean coal” and nuclear-generated electricity as renewable energy. They’re also mulling bills that would define John “Cougar” Mellencamp as a jazz musician and categorize …

Architect in chief

Obama calls renewables a ‘pillar’ of new economy

Courtesy of Georgetown UniversityPresident Obama today affirmed the place of renewable energy as one of the “five pillars” upon which he plans to build an economic recovery. In a speech at Georgetown University in Washington, …

Map to the future

PBS’ Planet Forward brings a new kind of show to explore new kinds of energy

Planet Forward host Frank Sesno (right) with Kevin Harrison of the National Renewable Energy Lab.Courtesy of PBSThree things to know about Planet Forward, the PBS special about America’s energy future that runs at 8 p.m. …

A Nobel Effort

Wangari Maathai film shows Kenyan tree planting as political subversion

Planting trees in Kenya is about more than just helping the environment.Alan Dater Planting trees in deforested areas brings a host of benefits, as any good environmentalist knows. Trees provide cleaner air, richer soil, wildlife …

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