Jonathan Zasloff

Jonathan M. Zasloff is a professor of law at UCLA.

Lakshmi gets a bath, part one

TRIPping out: A first step in making the US-India climate dialogue real

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away — well, no, actually two months ago in Washington, D.C., President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Singh …

The U.S.-India climate ‘partnership’

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Singh of India walk along the Cross Hall of the White House towards the East Room for the arrival …

Does Schwarzenegger care more about tea partiers or the planet?

Like any Hollywood actor, and like any politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to talk a good game. And on climate, he talks a lot. He loves …

Everything old is nuisance again

Connecticut v. AEP: Public nuisance ruling may boost chances of EPA CO2 regulations

The Second Circuit’s recent decision in Connecticut v. AEP, in which a coalition of state attorneys general sued electric power producers to cap and then …

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