Jordan Haedtler

Jordan Haedtler is a campaign associate with, which seeks to ensure Americans receive accurate information about climate change.

Is Governor Brown Playing 13 Tzameti With The Climate?

The Washington Post’s publication of an outrageously misleading, climate change-denying editorial by- of all people- the chair of the House Science Committee serves as another reminder of the lamentable state of our climate discourse. Few public officials are willing to confront stark climate realities, and little more than lip service is given as humanity blazes past ominous milestones like the highest atmospheric concentration of carbon in 5 million years. Even as New Jersey struggles to recover from the fossil-fueled devastation of Superstorm Sandy, Governor Chris Christie dismissed the notion that his state should prepare for future climate impacts, rejecting the …

The State of Our Climate-Ravaged Union

When President Obama delivers his State of the Union address on February 12th, he’ll be addressing a nation that is being ravaged by climate disasters. Since the president last stood before Congress, climate impact after climate impact has struck the country, from last summer’s record-shattering heat wave to the intense blizzard that swept through the Northeast this past weekend. Last month, NOAA confirmed that 2012 had been the warmest year for the US in recorded history. Americans are urging the president to explain exactly how he will “respond to the threat of climate change,” as he promised in his inaugural …

Viewer Trust Requires Forecasting the Facts

Why do people watch the local weather report, anyway? That was the question floating just below the surface of last week’s 40th annual broadcast meteorology conference in Boston. Just like their print counterparts, local news stations are being buffeted by the winds of online innovation, and weather is particularly vulnerable. Today, detailed forecasts are just a few clicks away. So why would anyone bother to tune in at 6 or 11? Nearly every meteorologist we heard from came back to the same answer: trust. As D.C.-area meteorologist Joe Witte noted, local TV news consistently remains the most trusted source of …

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Heroic weatherman talks climate in a red state — and viewers thank him for it

When Jim Gandy, a South Carolina weathercaster, started putting his coverage in the context of climate change, the public response was much more positive than he expected.

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