Joseph Romm

Joseph Romm is the editor of Climate Progress and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Strong public support for EPA efforts to reduce carbon emissions

A new poll finds widespread support for the EPA requiring reductions in carbon emissions.

EIA predicts a grim future for carbon emissions

The Energy Information Administration predicts a 40 percent rise in global carbon dioxide emissions over the next 20-plus years.

Bill Clinton slams U.S. climate deniers: 'We look like a joke'

Former president Bill Clinton blasted the GOP for supporting climate science denial.

Obama gives strong jobs speech, defends pollution standards

Obama’s big job speech exceeded expectations. He didn't mention clean energy by name, but he did emphasize that it's a core job-creating industry.

Chris Christie met with Koch brother before pulling out of climate pact

Tape of a secret meeting between Christie and one of the Koch brothers sheds light on Christie's decision to pull out of a regional climate initiative.

David Brooks' myth-ridden flip-flop on green jobs

The New York Times columnist continues the paper's vendetta against green jobs with a misleading piece filled with misinterpreted data.

Obama can't catch a break on oil

He presided over record growth in oil rigs, pissing off progressives, but the GOP blames high gas prices on Obama's supposedly anti-drilling policies. Where is the love?

Climate change makes hurricanes like Irene more destructive

Instead of asking whether climate change causes disasters like Irene, we should be asking if it increases the damage toll (the answer is a resounding yes).

Van Jones slams misleading quotes in NYT green-jobs story

Obama's former green jobs czar sets the record straight after The New York Times cherry-picked his quotes to support the proposition that the clean energy economy has failed.