Josh Evans

Josh is a senior Humanities major at Yale, where he studies psychology, literature, and food history. He works with the Yale Sustainable Food Project, where he hosts events, digs in the dirt, and plies the pizzaiolo trade. You can also find him online at

Food Studies

Food Studies: Not all cheeses are created equal

A cheese cave at Murray’s CheesePhoto: VIPNYCAging cheese is tricky business. Trust me, I saw some pretty gory casualties while working at Murray’s Cheese in New York City this summer. When cheese goes wrong, it’s subject to cracking, peeling, excessive …

Food Studies: Zombie worms and the ethics of consumption

Biodynamic agriculture may be sustainable and balanced, but it can also seem extremely brutal.

Food Studies

Food Studies: biting off more than he can chew?

After a summer spent cooking, volunteering, and teaching, Josh struggles to choose just one food topic to explore in his senior essay at Yale.