Josh Harkinson

Josh Harkinson is a staff reporter at Mother Jones.


Slaughter-free milk is great for cows, but not the environment

Just think about all the methane those geezer cows emit during their long retirement.

Climate & Energy

Why Big Coal’s export terminals could be even worse than the Keystone XL pipeline

Proposed Northwest coal ports could have a bigger climate impact -- with local pollution to boot.

Business & Technology

The real lesson from the flaming Tesla video

It's hard for companies to stake their success on radical innovation.

Business & Technology

Taxpayer subsidies helped Tesla Motors, so why does Elon Musk slam them?

Silicon Valley has always relied on the government to jump-start innovative businesses -- no matter how much it clings to the go-it-alone narrative.

Climate & Energy

Official Texas review: “Creation science” should be incorporated into every biology textbook

Reviewers appointed by the Texas State Board of Education are fighting against climate science and evolution in textbooks that will likely be used across the country.


First tar-sands mine approved in U.S.

They’re on their way.Photo: ShellThe Canadian tar-sands industry is invading the United States. Alberta-based Earth Energy Resources has won all necessary permits to excavate tar-sands oil from a 62-acre site in Uintah County, Utah. And that’s just the …

chamber plot

Chamber of Commerce goes after climate dissenters in its ranks

A split over climate policy is brewing within the US Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is already working behind the scenes to discredit the new group

Hit me baby, one more time ... with BP

BP's secret ticket request line

For more than a decade, BP has operated a hush-hush phone line that California lawmakers can call to request box seats to NBA games and concerts at the Sacramento stadium named after its West Coast subsidiary.

Buh-bye east coast beaches

EPA scientist warns Atlantic seaboard will be swallowed by rising seas

For most of the 20th century, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, was known for its boardwalk, amusement park, and wide, sandy beaches, popular with daytrippers from Washington, D.C. “The bathing beach has a frontage of three miles,” …

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