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Josh Nelson is a campaign manager at CREDO Mobile.

Energy production vs. environmental protection: The partisan divide

Via Samantha Thompson, a new Gallup poll found that, for the first time in 10 years of polling, Americans prioritize energy production over the protection of the environment. Here is the key chart: While the chart is compelling, it falls short on multiple levels. 1. The options it presents are a false dichotomy. We have several energy sources at our disposal that are environmentally sustainable such as wind, solar and geothermal. It would be interesting to see how this poll would have played out had they included a third option: methods for increasing U.S. energy production in environmentally sustainable ways …

Drilling Down Into the Details

Obama was against offshore drilling before he was for it

While blogger Adam Bink is correct to point out that then-candidate Obama pivoted on offshore drilling in the final months of the presidential campaign, he misses a few important points.

dead giveaway

Dems more trusted on energy than any other issue, continue pursuing polluter-friendly GOP ideas

In new polling focused primarily on healthcare, Washington Post-ABC asked the following question: Which political party, the (Democrats) or the (Republicans), do you trust to do a better job handling (ITEM)? Here are the results:   Democrats Republicans The Economy 44 36 Health Care 47 34 Immigration Issues 38 35 The Situation in Afghanistan 43 33 The Federal Budget Deficit 43 35 Taxes 41 39 The U.S. Campaign Against Terrorism 37 43 Energy Policy 49 32 It looks like despite the tea parties, the stimulus, the media’s obsession with process, and the so-called ‘government takeover of health care,’ Democrats are …

Conservative Cognitive Dissonance

American Enterprise Institute accidentally makes the case for climate legislation

Several folks have already taken note of this but I wanted to add a few thoughts. Mark Perry at the American Enterprise Institute seems to be inadvertently making the case for climate change legislation. First, he lists a series of things environmentalists predicted would happen assuming business-as-usual levels of pollution. Then, using this chart, he shows that four major sources of air pollution have decreased significantly since 1980. Perry gives all of the credit for these environmental victories to improvements in energy efficiency. But as Matthew Yglesias points out, he got it all wrong: In the real world, what happened …

climate bill-out

Is Senator Graham looking for an excuse to bail on climate legislation?

Kate Sheppard asks if the passage of health care legislation will hurt or hinder progress on climate legislation. But the underlying question is whether or not Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is looking for an excuse to bail on climate negotiations. The answer to that question might just be yes. His rhetoric hints at the possibility, and he’s willing to distort the truth about reconciliation without hesitation while huffing and puffing that it leaves him no choice but to bail on unrelated legislation. If Sen. Graham does end up using the passage of health care reform as an excuse to give …


New Gallup poll shows sharp partisan divide in understanding of climate change

Newly released Gallup polling seems to show a sharp drop in the percentage of Americans who know about, are concerned about, and understand the threat of global warming. The piece leads with a graph showing a sharp increase in the percentage of Americans who think the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated:   When I saw this I immediately assumed the increase was due to the changing opinions of Republicans, and did not reflect a general trend within the broader population. As Joseph Romm has demonstrated, the GOP’s understanding of climate science has been on a steady decline for …

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