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Joshua Kahn Russell works as the global trainings manager at, and is a facilitator, action coordinator, and strategy trainer with the Ruckus Society.

Lisa Jackson’s Reaction To Mountaintop Removal Activist Lock Down At EPA

Wanted to share an update from our recent breaking news about activists locking down at the EPA. This comes to us from Nell Greenberg: At 7:00 am this morning, a dozen brave activists released a 25-foot banner on the lawn of the EPA headquarters in Washington, DC. The message on the banner calls on the EPA to pledge to end mountaintop removal coal mining in 2010. But there’s a catch—the banner and two of its holders are suspended from two freestanding tripods 20-feet above the air, and after seven hours they are still hanging there with no sign of coming …

Indigenous voices challenge Royal Bank tar sands policies, supported by hundreds at shareholder meet

Today more than 170 people rallied outside of the Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC’s) Annual General Shareholder meeting (AGM) in Toronto after a series of creative non-violent actions all morning. Inside, First Nations Chiefs and community representatives from four different Nations demanded RBC phase out of its Tar Sands financing and to recognize the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent for Indigenous communities. Afterward, Indigenous leaders lead the crowd in a march to rally outside both RBC Headquarters buildings. Other cities across Canada supported the First Nations voices inside the AGM as well with solidarity actions from (click on …

Philadelphia activists rally & risk arrest to tell the EPA no more MTR

Philly EPA Considering 16 New Mining Permits This morning activists in Philadelphia descended upon their Regional EPA branch to put an end to Mountaintop Removal mining (MTR). Decisions made here in Philly have devastating consequences for Appalachian communities and our country as a whole. Activists prepared to enter the building and risk arrest by sitting-in until they were granted a meeting with officials inside, and after a successful engagement and demands met, the rally of 40 people exited. In recent months, the EPA has wavered in their position on mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR); in particular with the recent approval …

Click It and Stick It to King Coal’s Dirty Bankers

Today, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is joining with thousands of friends and allies on the internet to send a message to JP Morgan Chase to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining!  This Thursday morning at 9am EST,

storm center

Youth and Indigenous activists rally for vulnerable nations at climate talks

COPENHAGEN — Echoing the words of Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed (We will not die quietly!) and the African negotiator Ambassador Lumumba, (No to climate colonialism!) hundreds of youth created a loud and energetic “climate storm” today inside the Copenhagen climate talks at the Bella Center. It was the largest demonstration at COP15 yet — and was just a taste of the storm to come. Youth from every continent clapped, snapped, and pounded their feet to make the sounds of a rainstorm in a representation of the typhoons and hurricanes that have ravaged communities around the world this year. “Negotiators are …

COP15 controversy gives "green room" a whole new meaning

Copenhagen day 1: Scandal! Bullying!

What better way to open the Copenhagen climate talks — the meeting of the UNFCCC that is supposedly going to decide the fate of the entire world — than with broad civil society outrage at the egregious lack of democracy in the process. Here’s the inside scoop: the Danish presidency is desperate for a positive spin on any outcome of the climate negotiations here. That means forcing an outcome by bringing together the rich and powerful nations to broker a deal in private and then to announce it to the rest of the world. There is widespread concern of U.S.-friendly …

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Prelude to COP15: Climate justice actions sweep the U.S. before Copenhagen talks

Tuesday in the U.S., climate justice activists turned up the street heat to corporations in the financial and energy sectors most responsible for the climate crisis. Initiated by the Mobilization for Climate Justice and the Climate Pledge of Resistance, the day of action came a week before social movements converge in Copenhagen at the U.N. climate talks on Dec. 7 and on the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle in 1999. Major demonstrations, teach-ins, civil disobedience actions anchored the day of action in nine U.S. cities, supplemented by other smaller actions blooming around the country. …

Geoengineering: Plan B for when Copenhagen fails? eek!

Some scary prospects of where people are turning – geoengineering, the false solution that once seemed like science fiction, is actually being taken seriously. Seriously? Diana Bronson, ETC Group We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein As global climate negotiations in Barcelona enter into the last week of talks before December’s Copenhagen summit, there continues to be more aggravation than agreement amongst negotiators. Despite the litany of warnings about the devastation a failure in Copenhagen will cause – mass migrations, floods, worsening hunger and elimination of entire small island …

common but differentiated despondencies

Rich countries halt Barcelona climate talks with inaction; Africa walks out

African negotiators at the U.N. climate talks in Barcelona refused to continue formal discussions about all other issues until wealthy countries live up to their legal and moral responsibility to commit to deep emissions reductions. Rich countries (also called “Annex 1 countries”) have ground negotiations to a halt by failing to agree to their new targets under the Kyoto Protocol, driving developing countries to put their feet down. This walkout is significant and opens up political space — it means many of the countries in Africa just stopped one half of the U.N. climate negotiation process until rich countries say …

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