Karin Kloosterman

Karin Kloosterman, a freelance journalist and former entomologist from Canada, is currently based in Tel Aviv as a writer for Israel's Jerusalem Post. She has also contributed to Canada's National Post and National Geographic, and can write on topics from bugs to Bedouins.

Photographer Laurie Tümer shows the hidden paths of pesticides

Click here to see Tümer’s photos. Photo: Laurie Tümer. In a segment this fall, Good Morning America simulated pesticide exposure in a New York City classroom. Using a powder visible only under black light, the program showed how far chemicals could spread through an activity as simple as child’s play. The eye-opening exercise wasn’t news to Laurie Tümer. The photographer has been making images that expose the presence of synthetic pesticides since 1998, when she suffered near-fatal poisoning after her New Mexico home was sprayed. While recovering, Tümer discovered a muse in the work of Richard Fenske, an environmental scientist …

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