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California may be a leader on climate change, but it still has plenty of work to do

California’s greenhouse gas emissions are declining, but not rapidly.

California wants its cars to use half as much gas by 2030. Is it possible?

A new bill would take gasoline use in the state back to the 1960s, a time when California’s population was close to half of what it is today.

California looks to boost clean energy with ambitious new climate bill

If Senate Bill 350 passes, California utilities would need to get half their electricity from renewables in 15 years.

A look at California’s ambitious climate plans

California has a rough road ahead on climate change.

Gubernatorial tutorial: What's at stake in your governor's race?

California: Jerry Brown kicked off clean energy revolution once, aims to do it again

Jerry Brown, then and nowTrivia questions for energy geeks: Which state approved the country’s first energy-efficiency standards for appliances? The first green building codes? The first big wind farms? And who was governor when all those fine things happened? The …

California is no longer leading the pack on wind energy

Last year, California suffered the ultimate indignity in its quest to be the “greenest state.” It was passed by red Texas — the oil heartland — for the title of state with the most wind-power generating capacity. The numbers get …

Goldman Sachs and other financial powerhouses get into the Texas wind biz

What is Goldman Sachs doing in rural Texas? Probably some of its bankers have wondered that themselves, when they find they’re three hours from the nearest latte. A Texas turbine. Photo: NREL / Cielo Wind Power One of Goldman’s subsidiaries, …

Microsoft’s Vista boasts energy-saving features, but does that mean it’s eco-friendly?

Most of the chatter about Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system, centers on whether the techies in Redmond have outsmarted the hackers this time around. But might the system also slow destruction of the environmental variety? Microsoft is touting Vista’s new …

Fast food goes organic and natural

The succulent wares of Whole Foods’ enormous flagship store in Austin are always tempting, but especially so during a harried lunch hour. Everything in the vast prepared-food section looks irresistible. The salad bar features a mountain of fresh, organic toppings. …