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Doddmentum, anyone?

Talking carbon tax in N.H.

Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd talks energy policy at a house party in New Hampshire last week:

A case of the German weasels

BASF CEO questions whether climate change is a problem

Interesting interview with BASF CEO Jürgen Hambrecht in today’s Der Speigel, in which the leader of the world’s largest chemical company questions the whole “climate change is a problem” thing. He’s also one of Angela Merkel’s “key advisers,” though we’re hoping it’s on topics other than climate policy. An excerpt: Spiegel: You say that what the government is calling for is completely unrealistic. What is realistic? Hambrecht: Realistic is what is doable without harming the economy. Otherwise we will be solving supposed problems by de-industrializing Germany. We are one of the few Western economies that still has a large, well-functioning …

Herbivorous hotties

PETA announces sexiest veggie celebs of 2007

PETA has announced this year’s winners of their annual “Sexiest Vegetarian” contest. This year’s hottest plant-eaters? Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks and American Idol-crooner-turned Grammy-winner Carrie Underwood (who won in 2005 as well, but dropped to runner-up last year). This year’s runners up include our favorite babe teenage sleuth Kristen Bell (who knocked Underwood from the top spot last year), Spider-Man 3‘s Bryce Dallas Howard, the studly Joaquin Phoenix, hottie Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes, and rocker/actor Jared Leto. Says Underwood: “I quit eating beef when I was about thirteen. I do it because I really love animals and it …

Science: Eh, who cares?

Hansen says scientists need lovin’, too

NASA climate scientist James Hansen has a new paper out, titled “How Can We Avert Dangerous Climate Change,” which is actually a slightly-edited version of his testimony before Congress in April. The paper is available online here (PDF), and it’s worth checking out, of course. But also interesting is the preamble Hansen included in his email announcing the new paper: President Eisenhower was arguably the last United States President to seek and value advice of scientists. As discussed by John Rigdon in June 2007 Physics Today, scientists played important roles in the World Wars, but they did not have substantial …

Bummer for Hummer

Reps to discuss dropping the tax break on massive SUVs

For the “wow, about time” files: the tax write-off for Hummers might be a thing of yesteryear, if one legislator gets his way. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) has introduced legislation to remove the $25,000-or-so tax break that people who drive massive SUVs and Hummers have been getting for years. The break was intended to help farmers, ranchers, and other people who might actually (possibly) have a concrete need for the beasts, but instead it’s been helping planet-haters conspicuous consumers average business folks who just want to drive tanks around town. See, there used to be a tax break for businesspeople …

Cleaning house

The House of Reps leads the way to a greener capitol

The Hill’s alive with the sound of greening. Or at least, it should be, as soon as our representatives start following through with their “Green the Capitol” initiative, the final report on which was released yesterday in Washington, D.C. The report is the result of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s call for an energy audit of the Capitol complex four months ago, right after she first assumed her new post. Yesterday’s report presents the findings of the audit as well as a comprehensive plan to improve the green cred of the Hill. It includes directives to start purchasing electricity …

Corporations ranked on climate action

Nike or Adidas? Google or Yahoo? Scorecard helps shoppers pick.

Stepping back for a second from the fact that they all churn out unhealthy food and are a general blight upon society, which fast-food joint has the most cred on climate change — Burger King? McDonalds? Wendy’s? A new scorecard issued Tuesday ranks corporations on their commitment to reducing their contribution to global warming, giving consumers an easy, go-to guide on how to spend their bucks with businesses that are trying to do the right thing. Nike or Adidas? Google or Yahoo? Well, it’s a complicated question, but the folks at the new nonprofit Climate Counts have broken it down …

Pun in the sun

EWG takes a look at how sunscreens stack up

As the summer sun starts to heat up in Seattle, I’ve been wondering what sort of environmentally sound sunscreen options are out there to protect my pale, pale flesh from certain scorching. I considered writing to Umbra under a pseudonym to get an answer, but the Environmental Working Group jumped on the subject before I could with their new guide to both the efficacy and the environmental health cred of more than 780 different sunscreens. Sweet. In their database, sunscreens are scored according to their effectiveness at blocking UVA and UVB rays, as well as by the amount of ingredients …

Ask a Brokeass: Love in a dumpster

On green dating for the low-budget environmentalist

I know, I know. Long time, no Brokeass. Weeks. Months even. See, I got a second job, which has somewhat lessened my brokassity, but also cut back on the amount of time I have to sit around and ponder the subject. But don’t fear. I’m still pretty broke, and cheap by nature, so as often as I can, I will continue to bring you news and ideas for penniless treehuggers. This week, we delve into the subject of lovin’ the planet, and each other, on a small budget. Dear Brokeass, Some of my friends were talking about dumpster diving, which …

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