Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard was previously Grist's political reporter. She now covers energy and the environment for The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

From Bundy to Keystone XL: Where’s the property rights outrage here?

Many of the pundits who rallied behind rancher Cliven Bundy don't seem to care as much about ranchers' property rights when it's TransCanada using eminent domain to build KXL.


Sally Jewell’s frustrating first year in Washington

Obama's interior secretary has faced an uphill battle in Washington as she tries to implement her ambitious agenda in the face of budget fights and partisan politics.

Climate & Energy

Can celebrities and prime-time TV make Americans care about climate change?

Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Jessica Alba, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more team up for "Years of Living Dangerously." Producer Dan Abbasi talks Hollywood flair and global warming.

Climate & Energy

New report warns of “cascading system failure” caused by climate change

The outlook in this new government report is as scary/glum/depressing as it sounds, so line up some cute animal vids to watch after this.

Climate & Energy

Marcellus energy development could pave over an area bigger than Delaware

A new study predicts 106,004 new gas wells will be drilled in the Marcellus region.

Climate & Energy

In the American West, a battle unfolds over bugs, climate change, and the fate of an iconic species

To delist or not to delist? When it comes to grizzly bears' "threatened" designation, it's not clear they are out of the woods, as the woods itself is threatened by climate change.

Climate & Energy

Flood, rebuild, repeat: Are we ready for a Superstorm Sandy every other year?

Why we pretend the next storm won't happen -- and flush billions in disaster relief down the drain.

Climate & Energy

U.S. won’t fund a massive coal plant in Vietnam

After Obama's climate pledge, is the Export-Import Bank finally changing its stance on fossil fuel projects?

Climate & Energy

Burning fossil fuels imperils our ability to burn fossil fuels

Large power plants are stuck in a terrible cycle.

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