Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard was previously Grist's political reporter. She now covers energy and the environment for The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

You can look forward to 30 days of flooding, America

Most coastal regions of the United States will see 30 or more days of flooding by 2050 thanks to sea-level rise, according to new research from NOAA.

Climate & Energy

This doomed Alaskan village shows just how unprepared we are for climate change

Disappearing beaches, erosion, and buildings toppling into the sea are just a few problems citizens of Shishmaref, Alaska, are dealing with due to climate change.

PR flail

Pipeline builder advised to gin up fake grassroots support

TransCanada has teamed up with the world's largest public relations firm to promote a proposed alternative pipeline that's entirely in Canada.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is driving heat waves around the world

A new report pins the blame for a recent spate of heat waves on human-caused climate change -- but for the California drought, the evidence is murkier.

Climate & Energy

Big greens are spending big green in 2014 midterms

A climate change super PAC, funded by billionaire investor Tom Steyer, backs up its sometimes zany stunts with a whole lot of cash.

Business & Technology

Nebraska utility is phasing out some coal units, and it won’t cost that much

The Omaha Public Power District announced that it will retire three coal units in the next two years -- thanks to public opinion and new regs.

Climate & Energy

From Bundy to Keystone XL: Where’s the property rights outrage here?

Many of the pundits who rallied behind rancher Cliven Bundy don't seem to care as much about ranchers' property rights when it's TransCanada using eminent domain to build KXL.


Sally Jewell’s frustrating first year in Washington

Obama's interior secretary has faced an uphill battle in Washington as she tries to implement her ambitious agenda in the face of budget fights and partisan politics.

Climate & Energy

Can celebrities and prime-time TV make Americans care about climate change?

Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Jessica Alba, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more team up for "Years of Living Dangerously." Producer Dan Abbasi talks Hollywood flair and global warming.