Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is a regular contributor to several green sites, including Ecosalon and MNN. She also writes for the small screen with credits at the Disney Channel and USA Network.

Climate Change

Want to save the planet? Al Gore has an app for that

An Inconvenient Truth started out as a book and became an Oscar-winning movie. Al Gore’s follow-up book, Our Choice, has now gone multimedia too, but in a whole new way, as a first-of-its-kind app complete with documentary footage and even a trailer set to swelling, melodramatic music. Watch it here: After Our Choice was published in 2009, Gore — a Mac geek who sits on Apple’s board —  wondered how he could take advantage of the fledgling app craze. He teamed up with two former Apple employees, Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, to adapt the book for iPhone and iPad, …

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