KC Golden

KC is policy director at Climate Solutions, blogs at GRIP, and serves on the boards of 350.org, U.S. Climate Action Network, NW Energy Coalition, and Renewable Northwest Project.

Last, best Hopenhagen

Not Reid, not Godot: The whole world is waiting for YOU Mr. President

The world is aghast. It’s fate, it seems, “lies in the hands of a few U.S. Senators,” as Tuvalu negotiator Ian Fry lamented in his …

COP the pork, save the world

Fossil jujitsu to save climate talks?

This has always been the big duh of climate and clean energy policy: How ‘bout we start by ending subsidies to fossil fuel development?  Clean …

Last, best Hopenhagen

Mr. President, come to Copenhagen early

I wish every American could get lost for a few days in the Bella Conference Center and the events surrounding it in Copenhagen.  I wish …

Not just 60. 350.


Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has a well-earned reputation as a sharp, level-headed, practical leader. Most people wouldn’t describe him as a visionary. But in his …

air on the side of caution

Kyoto: Congress’ disgrace, not ‘Al Gore’s mistake’

A specter hangs over the U.S. negotiators at the Copenhagen climate summit: the Kyoto Syndrome. Conventional wisdom holds that the Clinton Administration, and Al Gore …

Shared fate under the ‘fault lines’

We hear plenty about the divisions that make reaching a global climate agreement in Copenhagen daunting. “Negotiators at Climate Talks Face Deep Set of Fault …

New nukes? A fair shot, not a free ride

If I began this column with “some advice for my friends in the nuclear industry,” you’d probably brace for a big fat cream pie in …

In or out

Climate policy question #1 is simple: “Are we in?”

It’s all about the cap Photo: ne* via Flickr Climate and energy policy touches everything. So it’s no surprise that as Congress finally sets to …

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