Keith Schneider

Keith Schneider, a former national correspondent and a contributor to the New York Times, began his environmental reporting career in 1979 when he covered the hazards of radioactive releases from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. He is the senior editor and producer at Circle of Blue, which covers the global freshwater crisis from its newsroom in Traverse City, Mich. He also contributes to Yale Environment 360 and The Energy Collective.

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Obama's 80 percent clean energy goal: Who's he kidding?

President Obama's stated goals for clean energy and high speed rail in the State of the Union address are unrealistic in a backward-looking nation.

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Memo to Hu and Obama: water and energy choke points merit time at the China-U.S. summit

Washington’s foreign policy community is all aflutter anticipating the meaning and outcome of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s three-day summit with U.S. President Barack Obama. But while the two heads of state focus on resolving what pries them apart, both nations …

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Cancun Climate Negotiators No Match For New Energy Alliances

On November 29 representatives from 190 countries will be in Cancun, Mexico for the 16th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Late last week, following a two-day Major Economies Forum on Energy and …

John Adams Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Congratulations are in order for John H. Adams, the co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, who yesterday was named one of the 15 recipients this year of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award. Adams is …

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Talk of Tianjin Climate Conference: China and U.S. Companies Are Electrifying The Car

TIANJIN, China – Whatever the differences that irked delegates from China and the United States during the six days of climate negotiations that ended here on Saturday, divisions principally defined by how each would control carbon emissions and measure progress, …

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China and U.S. Cooperate To Deploy Advanced Coal Technology

TIANJIN, China – Though Chinese workers this week celebrated the 61st anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, a holiday season as significant as July 4 in the United States, a swarm of construction laborers at China’s …

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Two Senior Diplomats Frustrated By Pace of Tianjin Climate Conference

TIANJIN, China — Two of the significant participants in the UN climate change conference here, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres and chief U.S. negotiator Jonathan Pershing, have made it known they are increasingly unhappy with a tangled negotiating process that …

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Coal Is King In China, And Top Priority For Engineers Determined To Lower Climate Risks

TIANJIN, China – This industrious nation’s allegiance to construction projects of massive scale are as familiar to the world as the 2,500-year-old, 5,500-mile Great Wall of China, which protected the country’s northern frontier, and as imposing as the wide moats …

Climate & Energy

In Tianjin, China and the U.S. Similarities Overshadow Differences

On opposite sides of the Pacific, leaders of the world’s two biggest economies and carbon polluters are plainly thinking about clean energy to power up their economies and cool the climate. In Washington, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National …