Keith Schneider

Keith Schneider, a former national correspondent and a contributor to the New York Times, began his environmental reporting career in 1979 when he covered the hazards of radioactive releases from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. He is the senior editor and producer at Circle of Blue, which covers the global freshwater crisis from its newsroom in Traverse City, Mich. He also contributes to Yale Environment 360 and The Energy Collective.

In Tianjin, New Urgency Stirs Fresh Hope For Climate Progress

TIANJIN, China – In a gesture that signaled more urgent engagement to cool the planet, the United Nation’s chief climate negotiator today opened this nation’s …

Senate's small clean energy resurrection

Before big China climate conference, new Senate support for clean energy

I’ll be in Beijing later this week, and then on to Tianjin to cover China’s first U.N.-sponsored climate summit, which begins Oct. 4. Before leaving, though, I wanted to note that on September 22, a group of Republican and Democratic senators sent a rare bipartisan signal to the world that the United States has not abandoned the hard work of reducing climate emissions and speeding the clean energy transition.

don't let the climategate hit you on the way out

Science vindicated as Senate edges closer to climate and energy debate

The 20-year global campaign to cool the planet, one of the most influential civic movements in human history, was built on two points of reference. …

In Era of Turmoil, The Top Of The World Is Melting

By Keith Schneider In January, when the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change acknowledged that it was wrong in predicting that the glaciers of …

Obama Vows To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before: Passing and Signing Climate and Energy Legislation

Given the emotional reserve of a man whose aides once referred to as “no drama Obama,” the president is getting pretty fired up about energy.  …

What Obama Did Not Say: BP Gulf Disaster Is Biggest Cut In A Bleeding Earth

The morning after President Barack Obama called for a “national mission” in pursuit of a clean energy economy the BP blowout gushes oil into the …

Energy Independence Is America's Most Elusive Technological Goal

In calling for a new “national mission” to achieve energy independence during his Oval Office address last week, President Obama was clearly seeking inspiration from …

going for a granholm run

Michigan: Where U.S. clean energy, emissions, efficiency policy really counts

On Friday, May 21, President Obama gathered in the Rose Garden the chiefs of his transportation and environmental departments to take the next big step …

Climate deal not accepted by all, but Copenhagen conference makes it ‘operational’

COPENHAGEN — Seven countries, led by the tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, this morning declined to accept the Copenhagen Accord that was reached late …

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