Ken Ward

Ken Ward is a climate campaigner and carpenter whose work can be see here.

Heating the JP Green House with a hairdryer

The amazing promise and many challenges of passivhaus construction

I’m in decent shape for 52, but it took everything I had to carry a hefty piece of welded steel plate out of the backyard …

More climate strategy innovation from outside the envelope

MoveOn’s Masterful Move

Most every major advance in civic climate action has originated outside the envelope of U.S. climate politics as practiced by major environmental organizations and funders. …

Is there no organization proud to be environmentalist?

Sotomayor endorsement is an embarrassment

If there was ever a time when the U.S. Supreme Court requires a passionate, articulate and unabashed voice for the environment — another William O. …

Hippies Cast a Long Shadow

Treasure hunting during building demo

Hippies on the Boston CommonPhoto: Nick DeWolfeOne of the joys of demolition (in addition to anger management) is the hunt for treasure. When pulling apart …

problems with assuming a ladder

The Carbon Logic Problem Statement

An acclaimed mountaineer, a Baptist minister and a distinguished economist were stuck in a pit. The mountain climber said, “Stand back boys, I’ll have us …

Showing the Flag

Fourth of July musings on symbols, patriotism, and identity

Sketches of ideas for the JP Green House exterior all include banners, signs, and flags at our request. This reflects our plan to unearth the …

(even though it’s the best we can hope for from Congress)

9 damned good reasons why some U.S. environmentalists should heartily oppose Waxman-Markey

Too bad we live in interesting times, it requires much more work. I just read a comment from Randy Cunningham, who said he was torn …

Behind the numbers

350 vs. 450: The heart of the matter

There has never been a civic dispute as precisely quantified as climate. Most U.S. environmental organizations endorse the Waxman-Markey climate bill with the stated goal …

Love in a time of cataclysm

Fighting climate chaos with a hammer and a heart

The intro question for the first gathering of activists in Massachusetts early this month was, “How do you feel, personally, about climate change?” Having …

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