Kerry Trueman

Kerry Trueman is co-founder of, a netroots website & organization that advocates sustainable agriculture, progressive politics and a less-consumption driven way of life. She has written about edible landscaping and organic gardening for the Financial Times and served as food editor for before becoming a sustainability blogger for Participant Media's Trueman currently writes about climate change, low-impact living and sustainable agriculture for the Huffington Post, Civil Eats and EatingLiberally, and authored a chapter on ecological eating for Rodale's Whole Green Catalog (September 2009). CREDO Mobile awarded her their "Activist Blogger of the Year" award for 2009. Her most recent projects are, a website for farmers, gardeners and eaters who favor conservation over consumption, and The MudRoom, a weekly webcast in development that blends muckraking and cultural commentary.

Sow seeds, not greed: Farmers gather on Wall Street

Photo: Eddie CrimminsIt’s been a long time since farmers congregated in downtown Manhattan — around 350 years, to be exact. The folks who populate Wall Street and rural America don’t cross paths much these days. It’s easy to forget that …

Haute cuisine gone green: James Beard Foundation focuses on sustainability

Do the James Beard Foundation's new sustainability awards signal a change for the better in the culinary world, a new form of food greenwashing, or something in between?

Then we came to the end

James Howard Kunstler: The old American dream is a nightmare

Photo: Charlie SamuelsThe Great Depression gave rise to hobos and Hoovervilles. The Roaring Nineties brought us what New York Times columnist David Brooks termed “bobos in paradise.” Now our current round of layoffs and foreclosures has unceremoniously transferred millions of …

Monsanto's latest farmwashing ad campaign debuts

We have two agricultural systems in this country, both claiming to be good for farmers and both claiming to be sustainable, says Marion Nestle. But only one has millions of dollars' worth of ads selling its version of reality.

Food Feeding the City

Smart cities are (un)paving the way for urban farmers and locavores

Across the U.S., cities are buckling up their green belts and introducing legislation to foster local-food production of everything from cucumbers to yellow limes, reports Kerry Trueman for Grist's Feeding the City series. Because nobody wants to get caught with …