Kif Scheuer

Climate & Energy

Severe drought in the Southeast impacts nuclear power production

A cautionary tale for all those who think nuclear is the answer to climate change. The Washington Post reported yesterday that drought conditions are affecting nuclear production capacity. [Plants] could be forced to throttle back or temporarily shut down later …


Developing ideas on development

Hats off to GreenbuildingsNYC, who beat me to the punch on a couple of items that seem important to future green development. First, there's a piece by Professor Charles Kibert that critiques a recent report on the benefits of green …

Business & Technology

Oh what a relief it biz

The United States Climate Action Partnership, the group of corporations calling "on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions," just doubled in size (PDF): With its new members, USCAP companies …


Shooting for a green capitol

No, it's not a new psychological disorder, but a plan for greening the capitol complex. Over at Building Design and Construction they've got a piece on the acceptance of a "green the capitol initiative."

Climate & Energy

Who are the green power leaders? NREL tells us

DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) yesterday released its annual ranking of leading utility green power programs: Customer choice programs are proving to be a powerful stimulus for growth in renewable energy supply. In 2006, total utility green power sales …


We’re inside it

We all know buildings are part of the global warming problem, but many people don't recognize how central they are to the solution. A recent UNEP report -- "Buildings and Climate Change: Status, Challenges and Opportunities" -- shines light on …

Brown-tech venture capitalists

Brown to make green

NYT has a story today about some prominent "green-tech" venture capitalists who are investing in fossil-fuel development, making them more "brown-tech." Defense of this muddying of the green-tech profile rests on our collective worship of the profit motive ("I'm here …

Picking on the green home building cheerleaders

The real tipping point? Maybe?

The claim in a McGraw Hill NAHB report that green homebuilding will reach a tipping point in 2007 has gotten a fair amount of attention (like CNN Money and USA Today): Green building will reach its tipping point -- the …

Green building's shifting landscape

Is it really all that rosy?

Lately, most of what you hear about green building is pretty rosy; the industry is booming, everyone's on board, and green building has gone mainstream. By and large, I tend to agree that things are looking nice. But there are …