Krista Hozyash

Krista Hozyash is a communications intern at the Rodale Institute. She recently graduated with a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, and plans to aid communities with conservation and sustainability initiatives.

the (dead) zone diet

How our food system is destroying the nation’s most important fishery

To understand our impact on nature, there is truth in the saying, “everything is connected.” Few situations illustrate this concept as dramatically as the agricultural wastes from the Midwest that contribute so seriously to the aquatic dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Human activities and natural phenomena occurring on land masses combine to impact air quality and small-scale climate systems. Wastes and sediments flowing off lands affect natural concentrations of nutrients in water and the health of aquatic habitats. Gases suspended in air dissolve into sea water and disrupt the normal chemistry of oceans. These releases, often invisible where …

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