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Kristen E. Jeffers' Posts


What does the reverse Great Migration mean for urbanism?

Streets like my own are becoming more desirable for black Americans and others looking for better deals down South.Photo: Kristen E. JeffersCross-posted from The Black Urbanist. According to an article last Wednesday in The New York Times, a reverse Great Migration of African-Americans from the North to the South is occurring. Why is this happening? The Times piece cites the lack of jobs for young black graduates in the North; the relative ease of purchasing property in the South; for elders, the ability to retire in greater comfort; and a flip-flopped racial climate. Many of the elders feel the ancestral …

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Gray areas

Does urbanism have to be black and white?

I fell in love with the skyline of Greensboro, N.C., when I was a little kid. I was an urbanist, even if I didn't yet know such a thing existed.Photo: Jim DollarIt all started with a map on the floor. My dad and I would spend Saturday afternoons "driving" around with my toy NASCARs from my friendly neighborhood Hardees. As I got older, I became enamored of the small skyline of my hometown of Greensboro, N.C. So enamored that one day, while I was sick with the chicken pox, my dad went out and bought me a postcard with the …

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