Kristin Eberhard

Kristin Eberhard is the legal director of NRDC's Western energy and climate projects.

texas hold em

Texas and three other states threaten to sue California over AB 32

Texas and three other states with attorneys general beholden to Dirty Oil have vowed to sue California as a last-ditch effort to kill AB 32.

Fight for the right to clean air and clean water

A new proposed initiative for the California ballot purports to defend the people of California’s unalienable right to air, water, energy, and natural resources by prohibiting the government from regulating the industries that exploit these common resources. This referendum is either an attempted shell game on the citizenry or a product of dire ignorance. If you give industry free license to appropriate commonly-held natural resources, spew pollution into the air and water, and forgo investment in clean technologies that benefit the private and public sectors, you destroy the very basis of modern society. Without clean air and water, we are …

California continues to set the pace

The American Power Act and California’s AB 32

Some commentators have mistakenly concluded that if Sens. John Kerry and Joe Lieberman’s American Power Act passes, it will make California’s Global Warming Solution Act (AB 32) moot. This is wrong. The American Power Act preserves nearly all of California’s clean energy and carbon reduction policy tools. It would take away only one tool: the authority for a state — or regional — level cap-and-trade program. Although cap-and-trade is one important tool, the fact is that 80 percent of the carbon pollution reductions required by AB 32 are expected to result from other clean energy and carbon control polices implemented …

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